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NFX2 Goggles

Our most advanced goggles with a cylindrical lens, the NFX2 has all the bells and whistles: Swiftlock Lens Changing System, patented frameless design, armoured venting, premium injection moulded lenses, 200-percent stronger Super Anti-Fog coating and more.

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DX3 OTG Goggles

Clean styling, modern lines, and a modern fit breathe life into the DX3 OTG goggles. A no-frills, no-nonsense frame, the DX3 OTG fixates on comfort and quality with the added benefit of our Lumalens® Colour Optimization and OTG compatibility.

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Featured Sun Collections

Upcycled Suns

Every frame in the collection is designed through a process that repurposes, or upcycles, five plastic water bottles to reduce the impact they have on the land we love to explore, the air we breath and the oceans we love to surf.

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H2O Floatable

These sunglasses are constructed from a specially formulated injection molded resin with a density lower than water, allowing them to float. With Hydrophobic and Oleophobic lens coatings, they are resistant to water, dirt, oil and other elements, maintaining a crystal-clear view.

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Female Collection

Inspired by life's beauty, designed for you. Elevate your wardrobe with the Female Collection. Specifically designed to pop with colour, featuring 100% UV protection and Dragon’s exclusive Lumalens Colour Optimized technology for a crystal-clear view.

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Plant-Based Resin

Plant-Based Resin is a natural bio-based plastic, a smarter and much cleaner alternative to standard petroleum-based plastics. It creates plastics that are strong, light, and durable while reducing our carbon footprint and ultimately, our impact on the planet. 

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